Sunday, August 29, 2010

42 degrees in Minnesota is flip flop weather!

I have a headache. There, updated!




Moving on, life has been pretty uneventful. I had an interview at a local restaurant about a hostessing job, never got called back. Then I got a tip from my brother's friend who'll possibly be managing a bar. The sale isn't final yet, but he told me that'll he'll call me when they start interviewing. How's that for networking? I could use a job to help me start saving to move.

Now, I told my friend Ryan that I'd pimp his book a little. Now, just so you know, I haven't read it yet, so I don't exactly know how it would settle with you, my readers... all five of you, right? As soon as I have the fundage, I will buy it, read it and review it here. If you want to wait until then, by all means. But if you would like something new, and maybe a little twisted to read, go here to order your copy of Tropes, by Ryan Acheson. Him and his wife, Katy, have fed me on many occasion, and I even took my header picture at a cupcake decorating party they held for our friends' amusement.

I will also pimp my BFF's contest for her. She's an amazing writer, and an amazing person, and her stuff I have read! And collaborated on a little bit. So I'm a little biased. She's also getting her own personal website, which I am so excited about.

I've been writing a bit as well. I really think I have too many projects on my hands, but each one is getting attention. Probably not as much as they need, but I'm working on it.

One of the projects is something tentatively called "Possession, A Love Story", inspired by Tom Waits' 'Black Wings'. It's one of my favorite songs, and I love Tom Waits (I'm such a hipster, apparently.) and I've been working on darker stories lately, more so that usual. It comes easier than the happy stuff, I'm afraid. A sign of the times?

I'm saving that story for NaNoWriMo, I scribbled down the details so I wouldn't forget when November rolls around.

Ooooof, now it's dinner time. And my brother's birthday is tomorrow. But he's not getting his present until next week when the new Dexter book comes out. I'm such a nice sister.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

World's Worst Blogger?

I'm really good at updating this, aren't I?

Things that have gone down since April: I was fired from my job in June, which was both exhilarating and crushing. I have no other means of income, and I had just gotten back from my very first PAID vacation, which I had put on my credit card.

Now my bills are all rolling in, and I have no way to pay for them. I have gone to the unemployment office, and am waiting for my first check. Life kind of sucks. Did I mention I spent my last $25 on a town beach sticker? Priorities, man.

I've started a new project, attempting my first Steampunk novel. It's harder than I thought. But at least it's a good excuse to pull out all of the Steampunk books in my "TO READ" pile and put them on top and in my beach bag. Wikipedia is a great help too. If anyone has any suggestions or links, I would love it!

What else have I been doing with my free time? Playing lots and lots of video games. No, you have no idea. I uncovered and dusted off my Game Cube and put in Skies of Arcadia, which I haven't played since, oh, roughly 2003? And I have never had so much fun. I've played and completed Bioshock the First, and have started Bioshock 2. I would really like to play Fable 2 again, except that's being lent out.

Surprisingly, video games are keeping me from really going over the edge. I find myself going back to Wil Wheaton's Pax East 2010 keynote address, which is amazing by the way, where he talks about how when you game, you're creating your own world. My world is not what I'd like it to be right now, so having a way to escape that means the world to me.

He also talks about games being the mortar that has held his friendships together for over 20 years. I can relate. From playing our own twisted versions of Dungeons and Dragons in my friend Lori's living room, to breaking in the Umm Jammer Lammy game my best friend Sarah got for her birthday the night before, to me and my brother throwing on the invincibility code on Star Wars: Battlefront and trying to blow the crap out of each other's character, games have always been a huge part of my life. My first memory of video gaming is me sitting down with Pac-man on the Atari 2600 as a toddler. My brother remembers that as a three year old, he hooked the Atari up to the television without any help.

So many of my happy memories include games. This year, my brother and I attended the first PAX to be held on the East Coast. Wil Wheaton, in his keynote address, says he can divide his life into two parts: Before PAX, and After PAX. I'm now a card-carrying member of that tribe. I don't think I have ever had that good of a time in my entire life. I'm even considering signing up for the Omegathon next year.

This part of Wil Wheaton's address explains my love for this convention. It was like being home.

"We are parents, we are grandparents, we are sons, we are daughters, we are professionals, we are students, we are Trekkies, we are Browncoats, we are everywhere, we are geeks, we are nerds, we are liberals, we are conservatives, we are Christians, we are Jews, we are Muslims, we are atheists, we are Nintendo fanboys, we are XBox fanboys, we are Sony fanboys, we are "Atari Will Never Die, 8-Bits Forever" fanboys, we are wanna-be rockstars, we are wanna-be race car drivers, we are wanna-be DJs, we are wanna-be dragon slayers, we are Alliance, we are Horde, this weekend, all that matters is that we are gamers. We are, all of us, creators of our own stories together. Welcome home."

I need to close this up. I'm going to attempt to go to a cookout being held by some wonderfully geeky friends, and I should get some rest.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If Siren's Song was on TV...

... this song would be playing over the next scene. I NEED THIS LEVEL OF HEARTBREAKING.

*Tap tap* Is this thing still on?

I finally updated it. Life has been crazy, work has been crazy. But I got a lot of writing done and now you have some new stuff to read. Enjoy!

Friday, February 19, 2010

In which I finally make a blog to actually post my work.

I present to you: The Assorted Works of Sian E. Thomas

This going to force me to actually go and edit my stuff. In theory. I might even crack open 2009's NaNo and prepare it for posting. Which would be good, considering I haven't opened the file since December 1st.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


1. The Blue: Vivi's Story
2. A Girl and Her Cyborg co-write
3. As yet unnamed Tru/Story co-write
4. As yet unnamed co-write on LJ
5. Speak No Evil (NaNo 2009)
6. Siren's Song (NaNo 2008)
7. As yet unnamed Senga/Tucker script


Jill, I think I know how you feel. We should start a support group.


So, computer issues have kicked my butt laely, but all is good now.

I really need to make a list of all my projects, and pick one to work on at a time. Seriously, it's ridiculous. My brain has been itching to work on my Senga/Tucker script, and it's ticking me off. I might just say F THAT and turn it into a novel. Or I could just work on my original Senga/Tucker novel from two years ago. I'll do that soon. Oooof.